Simple but addictive

Match three or more blocks with the same color to remove blocks. Sounds too easy? Worry not. ColorBox can be quite challenging especially if you ignore the importance of combos. Use your wits and be agile!

180 challenging missions

180 missions to complete while on the go. Short but fun play-time makes it perfect to play on mobile devices.

Infinite and Hard mode for endless game-play

Tired of missions? Simply want to play?

Two different game modes at your service. Make sure to utilize combos to remove stage blocks or the game will quickly go out of control. Don't forget to check your rank on global leader-board.

Unlock various themes

Play different game modes and complete challenges to unlock various themes. More themes to be added!

Two different control modes: Swipe and Button

Swipe mode for easy one-handed control and Button mode for classic arcade type control.
Please note that this application is AD-based.